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The Heart of Jesus in History

About the DVD

The Sacred Heart Granny's picture on the wall?

Have you ever wondered why this picture meant so much to your parents, or certainly your grandparents?

The story is long and fascinating. To give an adequate answer required travelling to such diverse plases as Marseille, France, the home of civilisation in Europe, the Charollais region of Eastern France, the Basilica of the Sacre Coeur, Montmartre, overlooking Paris, the city of Oporto in Portugal and even the palace of St. James in London.

These places contain the clues to the fascinating origins of this picture, one that decorates millions of walls in homes on all five continents.

This simple image is a powerful reminder that the Heart of Jesus reaches out to every human heart, regardless of creed, condition or race.

This DVD came about through the collaboration of two Irishmen: one an experienced Video Producer, Phil Mullally, and the other, Bernard McGuckian, a Jesuit priest who has spent years exploring the remarkable series of events that led to the phenomenal spread of this picture and the devotion associated with it throughout the world.

Over the course of 45 minutes this DVD traces the development of the Devotion to the Heart of Jesus, from its origins on Calvary to the most recent teachings of the Catholic Church.

It features the two canonised saints most associated with the Devotion in its modern form, St. Margaret Mary and St. Claude la Colombiere, as well as other outstanding promoters of this devotion through the centuries.

The purpose of this DVD is to promote devotion to the Heart of Jesus, the great symbol of divine love for every human person. The DVD concludes with the famous Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of St. Margaret Mary.